M.D. Effects is a small guitar effects pedal company that puts our customers before anything else. We believe that our quality of customer service is just as important as the quality of our products. Each pedal is built by hand in Northern California, USA.

The quality of our pedals can be both seen and heard. From the prototyping stage all the way to final production, each pedal is getting ready to get in the customers hands. When I started M.D. Effects, I wanted to make guitar pedals that sounded the way I knew my tone should sound.

I love to talk all about gear, especially the pedals I build. If you want to hear more about them feel free to click "Contact" below.

The Team



I am the owner and founder of M.D. Effects. I do a little bit of everything, whether it's building the pedals, designing them, marketing them, or anything else pedal related, I've got something to do with it.


Idea Machine

Aidan is a big part of how things come to life at M.D. Effects. He comes up with a lot of the pedal ideas, and is also being trained in the "Pedal Building Arts". He comes up with product names and ideas, and I make it happen.