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The M.D. Effects Buffer is a guitar signal buffer pedal utilizing a TL071 Chip for awesome clarity and precision. It features a single output, one input, a standard DC jack (Boss style) and a white LED to let you know that its on. This pedal is designed for preserving the clarity and punch of your tone, which can be lost through long cable runs, and does it with excellence. More than just a little pedal, this Buffer will will give you that added clarity even with short cable runs. No matter what type of rig you own, the M.D. Effects Buffer is ready to do it's work.


LED: The LED (light) on the pedal is on as long as there is a power adapter plugged into the DC jack on the top of the pedal. It is designed to let you know that it is on.

PLACEMENT: You can put this pedal wherever you like in your signal chain. It sounds great at the end, the beginning, or anywhere in between. Try placing it between long stretches of true bypass pedals. Find out where it works best for you!

This pedal accepts standard 9V DC negative power and consumes less than 100mA. Attempting to power the pedal with any other power source than recommended by the manufacturer voids your warranty.


This purchase includes:

1 M.D. Effects Buffer Pedal
1 M.D. Effects Buffer User Manual
1 Display/Storage Box
1 M.D. Effects Sticker
1 M.D. Effects Guitar Pick
Rubber Bumpers
1 Year Warranty*

*Warranty Info:

This pedal has one year full warranty from the date of purchase for any problems occurring due to a manufacturing error. If the pedal fails within the one year period, we will repair it free of cost. This does not cover things like broken knobs, potentiometers, switches, or any other damage that does not interfere directly with the operation of the pedal. It also does not cover any abuse, or misuse of the pedal in any other way then it was designed to be used.

NOTE: If buying internationally, the buyer is responsible for all customs and import taxes and fees.