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Hear every note clearer, more sustained and punchier with Compactor. Featuring all new Blend, Attack and Release controls, Compactor allows you to create the compression sound you are looking for. Now completely redesigned for better musicality and versatility, the new Compactor is ready to give you that sound you have been missing.


Even though Compactor features deep compression capabilities, the Blend control ensures that you can always have your dry signal present. Get that super squashed sound, but retain your clean tone as well. Compactor also features very low noise operation even at maximum compression levels.


Compactor's new Attack and Release control scheme make changing the dynamics of the compression effect now possible. Without having to adjust Output or Blend, you can tweak the way that the compression takes place exactly to your liking.


OUTPUT: Controls the overall output level of the pedal.

BLEND: Blends in the uncompressed signal with the compressed signal. All the way right is a fully compressed "squashed" sound.

ATTACK: Adjusts the attack time of the compression. Setting Attack high and Release low creates a very "fat" compressed sound

RELEASE: Adjusts the release time of the compression. Setting this High and Attack low creates a nice subtle compressed sound with lots of sustain.

BRIGHT: Enables high frequency enhancement in the up position, and disables it in the down position.

This pedal accepts standard 9V DC negative power and consumes less than 100mA. We recommend an isolated power supply for best performance. Attempting to power the pedal with any other power source than recommended by the manufacturer voids your warranty.


This purchase includes:

1 M.D. Effects Compactor Pedal
1 M.D. Effects Compactor User Manual
1 Display/Storage Box
1 M.D. Effects Sticker
1 Compactor Sticker
1 M.D. Effects Guitar Pick
1 Year Warranty*

*Warranty Info:

This pedal has one year full warranty from the date of purchase for any problems occurring due to a manufacturing error. If the pedal fails within the one year period, we will repair it free of cost. This does not cover things like broken knobs, potentiometers, switches, or any other damage that does not interfere directly with the operation of the pedal. It also does not cover any abuse, or misuse of the pedal in any other way then it was designed to be used. If you are not sure if your problem is covered by Warranty or if your Warrant period is over, send us an email!

NOTE: If buying internationally, the buyer is responsible for all customs and import taxes and fees.