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Custom ordered pedals may take up to 2 weeks to get built. If you need it faster, please let us know below. It is recommended that you contact us before you purchase a custom ordered pedal.

If you have a pedal in mind that is not listed here simply click "Contact" below!


The 3-Tap is a tap tempo control pedal with three outputs that are each configurable to your delay or other time-based pedal. This pedal does not require any power whatsoever.


The toggles change the polarity for the output of the corresponding jack. In the up position the output is set to Normally Open (for BOSS effects) and in the down position the output is set to Normally Closed, for most other time based effects. All three can be set to different positions for maximum functionality.


A True Bypass Looper allows you to remotely turn your pedals on and off as well as get rid of undesired noise from buffered bypass pedals. Contact us for additional features such as Master Bypass, Tap Tempo Control, Buffered Output and more.

Warranty Info:

This pedal has one year full warranty from the date of purchase for any problems occurring due to a manufacturing error. If the pedal fails within the one year period, we will repair it free of cost. This does not cover things like broken knobs, potentiometers, switches, or any other damage that does not interfere directly with the operation of the pedal. It also does not cover any abuse, or misuse of the pedal in any other way then it was designed to be used.

NOTE: If buying internationally, the buyer is responsible for all customs and import taxes and fees.