• Image of POG Mod


The POG is known for the amazing yet simple octave up and down sound which it does so well, but the high end can really get screaming at times. This Modification adds an all Analog Low Pass Filter which cuts out high end as you dial the knob back. This Mod can be performed on either the Micro or Nano POG units.


This purchase includes:

1 Low Pass Filter Mod for the EHX Micro or Nano POG
1 M.D. Effects Sticker
1 M.D. Effects Guitar Pick
1 Year Warranty*

*Warranty Info:

This pedal Mod has a one year full warranty from the date of purchase for any problems occurring due to a manufacturing error. If the pedal fails within the one year period because of the modification service, we will repair it free of cost. This does not cover any issues that arise unrelated to the circuitry added in our modification. It also does not cover any abuse, or misuse of the pedal in any other way then it was designed to be used.

NOTE: The buyer is responsible for safely shipping the pedal to us, and will be charged for return shipping. If buying internationally, the buyer is responsible for all customs and import taxes and fees.

This service is being sold by M.D. Effects and is in no way related or connected to EHX, it’s products, services, POG, Micro POG, Nano POG, or any other trademarks held by EHX.